Mortgage Brokers In Ohio Are Professional ToAnd Fast Close

Mortgage Brokers In Ohio

We Can Help You Make The Best Decision For Your Family.

We are your Mortgage Brokers In Ohio that will provide you with all the information you need to know. From interest rates, annual fees, downpayment requirements, and closing costs we will help you get the best offer for your situation.

What do Mortgage Brokers do for homebuyers?

As mortgage brokers, we make sure your loan terms are reasonable, according to your situation. We work with lenders and borrows. During our process we will evaluate your financials, credit score, application and other factors that contribute to your loan process. Some lenders have stricter requirements than others. Once we are able to evaluate your information, it only takes a few days to find the best lender and close.

Why would I need a mortgage broker?

Hiring Cross Roads Loans as your Mortgage Broker In Ohio, eliminates a lot hassle for you. You have the option to go straight to a lender. However, we don't suggest this, because lenders have terms that are difficult to understand and they often times don't break down all your obligations short-term and long-term. When you hire us, we will walk you through each lenders terms from closing costs to any future obligations.

Which lenders do mortgage brokers work with?

Mortgage brokers have a list of lenders that they work with. We have a trusted list of lenders that are very generous to our clients.

What are the advantages of a Mortgage broker versus a Mortgage lender?

Working with a mortgage broker means you can take advantage of loan availability and loan options. We do the shopping for you and provide a comparison for you. Also we can help you apply to a variety of loans all at once. Mortgage lenders don't offer as many options and therefore can't provide you with a variety of options.

Do you charge as a mortgage lender?

Yes, however our fees are extremely competitive and are included in your closing costs.

Can I get my rate locked in with a mortgage broker?

Yes, we can find a lender for you that can rate lock your loan. Lenders typically charge zero to one point to lock in a loan rate and points.